Silly Orange

Happy Monday! Allow me to introduce to you my latest character, Silly Orange. Some of you might have met a quick sketch of her this Saturday. Her first name, Silly came to me yesterday, and Orange came to me this…

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Trenches of My Soul

FlashBLACK Friday: entitled, Trenches of My Soul. I thought I take a moment to acknowledge the struggles  I/most are going through. 

This Illustration showed up on my FB memories a few days back. The original post was from 11 years…

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Intruments Speak

My percussion basket screaming...what about us?!... instruments don’t like to sit. Yes, they talk to me . Guess I’ll be working on a percussive piece.

Whimsical textile prints coming soon!

I'm on a high!...creating these whimsical patterns. I'll be slowly adding products with these printed patterns. I have no official date yet of my release, but I will keep you posted.

Productive Monday

Productive Monday in the studio creating music and surface design patterns/textile designs.

Illustrations from "My Slippah Life" series. Created few years back. Finally getting around to creating the pattern repeats.

Gotta Start From Somewhere...

Well, alright! I got 3 "album" streams since last week on Spotify. I guess we all have to start somewhere. I hope to look back on this one day and laugh. If you're reading this and on Spotify or any…

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Music, all in da ohana.

Music is in our blood. My mom was a fantastic dancer, and she loved to sing. She encouraged all her children to play an instrument. Here is my brother Patrick singing at my 50th Birthday celebration back in March 2020…

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Work in progress, bass melody

Started playing the bass guitar a couple months ago. I've been mostly playing the ukulele so picking up the bass felt like I was holding a beast in comparison. It took a few weeks to adjust to the feel. Now…

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3:33 a.m.

sleepless night 

got up to create 

staring at a blank screen 

listening to the early morning silence 

thought about this short piece of music 

created on 08-01-02 

entitled, 3:33 a.m.


music from the sound track of my life