Andrea, the of my love my life... my inspiration!

11/12/20 10:05 AM 

Andrea, the of my love my life, my BEST, and WORST critique. He is my inspiration! We've been married 20 years, and he's been there every step of the way, encouraging me and inspiring me to pursue my art and music. Our passion for the arts is what brought us together. We met at Border's Books and Music store in Hilo, Hawaii. I remember when he first caught my eye. We were standing in the CD/music section of the store. Immediately, I was like…mmm mmm… I also felt like he was checking me out but couldn't really tell. He had his sunglasses on. About twenty minutes past and we found ourselves standing beside each other, this time in the music book section. I was to his left, holding/reading a book on percussion instruments, and he was reading a book on guitars. At the time, I thought he was reading, but I was about to find out he barely spoke English. He leaned over, noticing I was reading a percussion book, and asked in his heavy Italian accent, "you play percussion?". I replied, "Well, I'm just learning." He said, "Oh, I play guitar." After that, I don't know how we managed to communicate. Still, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet up later at one of his music practice sessions, and the rest is history—sorry, going to leave the juicy parts out. But I will continue with the story… on my next blog entry.