From the recording Follow Your Heart

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What a crazy year 2020 has been! The pandemic lockdown and the constant news of racial injustices happening in the US got the best of most everyone, including Ria. In July, she hit an all-time low and went into depression. Fortunately, by following the music of her heart and her faith, she was able to come out of the “darkness” with a renewed spirit and determination. She expresses this renewed spirit and faith as you will hear in the ukulele melody of her debut single, Follow Your Heart.

Ria is a passionate and obsessed DIYer (Do-It-Yourselfer). She composed, performed, and produced her single. She also designed and illustrated the CD cover.

Dedication: To my family and friends, thank you for all your love and support.

Special Grazie: To the love of my life, amore mio, my husband, Andrea. Grazie, for your inspiration, encouragement, musical, and poetic guidance.