Trenches of My Soul

FlashBLACK Friday: entitled, Trenches of My Soul. I thought I take a moment to acknowledge the struggles  I/most are going through. 

This Illustration showed up on my FB memories a few days back. The original post was from 11 years ago. There was no explanation of the sadness so I had to think back. It was after the  collapse of the economy, so I'm sure there a few losses to be sad about. 

The music I composed shortly after 911. No explanation needed there...deep sorrow. 

While the holidays is a time for celebration and joyous moments, it also is a time of sadness as it brings back memories of our loved ones that are no longer with us. 

To those suffering in silence, I just want to know I hear and feel you pain. I send you light, love, and healing prayers. We will get through this. 

My warmest aloha,